About Us

Adamama is Australia’s first ever Educational Urban Farm, inspired by Jewish values of healing the world and nurturing community. We run our programs out of theRandwick Sustainability Hub, a beautiful space that includes a permaculture veggie garden, food forest, native bush tucker garden and more.

In partnership with Randwick council we offer discounts on some of our programs for local LGA residents. 

Our name Adamama is a play on “Mother Earth” drawn from the Hebrew word for Earth - “Adama” and the word Mama.

Through engaged sustainability practices and ancient traditions we aim to cultivate a community of people passionate about growing food and living a sustainable life.

Our diverse crop of programs appeals to a wide variety of people. We run playgroups, school excursions, working bees, courses, private workshops and community events. We look forward to seeing you at Adamama!


Adamama was founded in 2019 as a pilot program of Shalom, the non-profit Jewish organisation fostering inclusive and vibrant community life in Sydney. The seed for Adamama was planted by a fact-finding mission to New York City by Mitch (Adamama Farm Director) and Alon (Shalom Program Director) to learn of new and innovative ways to engage community through a Jewish lens.

The trip to Hazon’s Isabella Freedman Retreat Centre was galvanising. Mitch and Alon learnt about the world of JOFEE (Jewish Outdoor Food, Farming & Environmental Education) and were inspired by the meaningful work Hazon is doing in the U.S. After returning to Australia, Mitch started to map what these ideas could look like in the Sydney community.

He returned to the US to participate in the life-changing 4-month Adamah Fellowship integrating organic agriculture, farm-to-table living, Jewish learning, community building, social justice and spiritual practice. It was here that his knowledge, passion and vision started to take flight.

On his return, Mitch broke ground on a small patch of weedy grassy land filled with tennis balls and empty chip packets behind the courts of White City. A few volunteers came down with a lawn mower and whipper snipper and Adamama was born. Before we knew it, we were running weekly working bees and our corn, cucumbers and radishes were germinating.

Adamama enjoyed a productive two years where we organically developed the land and our communal offerings. More and more people became interested in our work. Schools began approaching us, so we developed student programs and excursions. Beekeeper interest led to Adamama hives and honey, and when it was time to grow cucumbers again, we knew we had to teach people how to pickle and sell them.

Just as our crops and programs continued to grow, so did our team. Wendy came on board to launch Adamama Jnr, a unique outdoor playgroup for younger children combined with preschool excursions. Coming off the success of this and higher demand of school engagement, Ra and then Gadia joined the team as our outdoor educator.

A drought, a few floods and a pandemic later we found ourselves having to find a new home for our farm. And we did. We partnered with the Randwick Sustainability Hub, a beautiful and expansive green space that nurtures sustainability for the wider public. We’re on the map and our dreams to expand our offerings to the wider Randwick community have become a reality. We look forward to sharing them with you.

Join us as our journey continues…..

Our Team

Mitch Burnie

Director of Adamama and Compost

Mitch is our director and founder of the Adamama project. He brings a love of community, sustainability, growing garlic and pickles to every interaction. With a wealth of experience working in informal education and urban farming, Adamama brings together all of his passions. All he asks is that you please compost!!

Wendy Dolowitz

Adamama Jnr Manager and
Mud Kitchen Sou-Chef

Wendy is our playgroup co-ordinator and brings a wealth of experience working with young children and families. She is passionate about taking the children on a journey of discovery and supporting their learning by creating open-ended, hands-on nature experiences that encourage exploration each session in addition to providing lots of opportunity for play.

Gadia Zrihan

Program educator and Farm to Table mama

She has lived in France, Israel and the US and is deeply invested in sparking connection and community wherever she goes. She has worked in school and community contexts to grow a garden from scratch and is passionate about seeing kids faces light up when they get down and dirty in the earth, growing and eating what they’ve planted, and getting excited about sustainability.

Contact us


Randwick sustainability hub
27 Munda Street,
Randwick, 2031 Australia

General Adamama

Mitch Burnie
Phone : 04 5062 3002

Adamama Jnr

Wendy Dolowitz
Phone : 04 1254 9926

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