Preschool Excursions

Adamama offers a play-based outdoor learning experience for young children to interact with nature and engage in a range of experiences that supports their learning and development.   

Book in a preschool excursion or incursion: Our workshops empower children to take the lead in their outdoor education. 

Our excursions and incursions are flexible, working around the interests of the children and aimed at connecting them to nature through a range of fun, sensory and hands-on activities as well as providing endless opportunities for unstructured play. We aim to create a place of belonging, build an appreciation and awareness of nature, the environment and sustainability. 

We have created a selection of different topics to support outdoor learning in nature, using nature activities and suggestions to facilitate play rather than teach: 

  • From a Seed to a Plant 
    Join us on an exciting journey that starts as a dormant seed.  Together, we will explore the parts of a seed and learn what they need to germinate and grow. 
  • The Magical World of Sunflowers 
    There is so much to learn around magical sunflowers.  We will explore their lifecycle, discuss the parts, learn how they grow and share interesting facts about these mystical flowers. 
  • Wonderful Worms 
    Love them or not, these creatures play a very beneficial role in soil.  We will unearth what they do to help in the composition of waste as well as explore some fun facts about earthworms. 

    We will also explore the parts of an earthworm and learn how they get around without sight, arms, legs or a skeleton. 
  • Colours in Nature 
    The outdoors is more than the coloured plants we see; it’s also many things you cannot see—such as bacteria, chemical reactions, and water vapour. In fact, the interconnectedness of a garden can inspire all sorts of scientific colour explorations. 

    We will conduct experiments with the children to make interesting discoveries about colour. 
The price is $375 per class (up to 20 children) and $20 per child thereafter.  Max 25 children. Duration - 2 hours.

The price is $300 per class (up to 20 children) and $20 per child thereafter.  Max 25 children. Duration - 1.5 hours

For Community and many other events we run here at Adamama check out our What's on page

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