Adamama Stories

New Adamama urban oasis to sprout young shoots

16/01/2024 04:24 PM By rimma - Comment(s)
New Adamama urban oasis to sprout young shoots
As published by Plus61J By Paula Towers -January 9, 2024

Farewell Mitch

04/04/2023 03:00 PM By rimma - Comment(s)
Farewell Mitch
Mitch Burnie, Director of Adamama and CEO of Compost is leaving Shalom’s Adamama to sow seeds of growth in the nearby pasture of Randwick Council. 

As director and founder of the Adamama project, Mitch has brought a love of community, sustainability, and pickling to every interaction.

Adamama was...

Purim - Celebrating in Difficult Times

14/03/2022 03:27 PM By rimma - Comment(s)
Purim - Celebrating in Difficult Times

I’ve always loved the irreverent, carnivalesque side of Purim – the colourful masks and costumes, the street parades, the rowdy festive atmosphere at shul, the drinking (it’s a mitzvah!), the unabashed generosity of mishloach manot and of course the feminist heroines! I ev...

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