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Purim - Celebrating in Difficult Times

14/03/2022 03:27 PM By rimma - Comment(s)
Purim - Celebrating in Difficult Times

I’ve always loved the irreverent, carnivalesque side of Purim – the colourful masks and costumes, the street parades, the rowdy festive atmosphere at shul, the drinking (it’s a mitzvah!), the unabashed generosity of mishloach manot and of course the feminist heroines! I ev...

Brewing Mindfulness

21/12/2021 01:46 PM By rimma - Comment(s)
Brewing Mindfulness

Joining the Adamama team, I’ve been learning a lot about how to care for the land. And to honour the start of 5782 – which is a Shmitah year – I’d like to care for my internal landscape, too.

Shmitah is a beautiful concept. It happens once every 7 years, calling on us to rest, reflect and regenerate....

Keep Busy and Preserve Everything

21/12/2021 09:42 AM By rimma - Comment(s)
Keep Busy and Preserve Everything

Some people burp their babies during lockdown and here I am burping the sauerkraut. It smells so good!

The slow cooker is sending the aromatic bliss of fermented beetkraut borscht throughout the house. The dehydrator is humming along to the tune of fresh salmon jerky. The stove top is bubbling the ha...

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