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New Adamama urban oasis to sprout young shoots

16/01/2024 04:24 PM By rimma - Comment(s)
New Adamama urban oasis to sprout young shoots
As published by Plus61J By Paula Towers -January 9, 2024

Purim - Celebrating in Difficult Times

14/03/2022 03:27 PM By rimma - Comment(s)
Purim - Celebrating in Difficult Times

I’ve always loved the irreverent, carnivalesque side of Purim – the colourful masks and costumes, the street parades, the rowdy festive atmosphere at shul, the drinking (it’s a mitzvah!), the unabashed generosity of mishloach manot and of course the feminist heroines! I ev...

Brewing Mindfulness

21/12/2021 01:46 PM By rimma - Comment(s)
Brewing Mindfulness

Joining the Adamama team, I’ve been learning a lot about how to care for the land. And to honour the start of 5782 – which is a Shmitah year – I’d like to care for my internal landscape, too.

Shmitah is a beautiful concept. It happens once every 7 years, calling on us to rest, reflect and regenerate....

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